Tyler Work, Founder

Since 2016, Tyler has hosted hundreds of guests on Airbnb with over 300 nights booked at dozens of different properties.  With a strong background in the hospitality industry, Tyler knows how to create an awesome guest experience, and strives to bring that expertise to each and every listing he works with. 

When he isn't studying the short term rental industry, reading Bigger Pockets, or setting up new listings, Tyler is out pursuing his passion for fly fishing and enjoying the Colorado outdoors. 

Whether through property management, consulting, or co-hosting, please don't hesitate to reach out for more info on how he can help.   



Meredith Motsinger, Boulder Team Lead

Meredith serves as our Boulder team lead.  Hailing from North Carolina and a long time Colorado resident, Meredith brings passion, hard work, and expertise to the COBnB team.  

In her free time Meredith is out playing with her dog and roommate, Ellie and enjoying all that the front range has to offer. 



Bean, Chief Canine Officer & Head of Snuggles

Bean Calhoun is an integral part of the team.  He provides moral support, ball retrieving skills, and free licks to anyone in need.  In his free time, Bean enjoys rafting, fishing, hiking, and rolling around in the dirt. 

As an employee of COBnB for more then 7 dog years, Bean has our back when the woes of Airbnb has us down.